Walt Power

I am delighted that you have found THE 13’s career site. If you have found us, it means you are interested in being part of something very special—to be part of a team that strives each day to be the best in the world.

Our team needs to be as special as our guests, who are the most discerning travellers in the world.  For us that not only means a deep appreciation for luxury and quality but also a passion for service.  We expect every member of THE 13, beginning with myself, to dazzle our guests by giving them more than they expect. What’s more everyone should treat their fellow team members and our business partners the same way. THE 13’s team members must strive to be more helpful, more informed, more respectful, more courteous and harder working than the people they serve.

If you believe this as I do, then I hope you will seriously consider becoming part of THE 13’s refined and remarkable community.